mytaxi order

How do I book mytaxi?

Open the mytaxi app on your Smartphone. You are automatically located via GPS. The ‚Taxi Radar’ function shows you all available taxis nearby. You confirm your location with your first click. In ‚Booking Overview’, you can change your pick-up address manually and, if required, enter a destination. You can also specify your individual booking options here. The next click confirms your address selection and your options, and you bindingly book a taxi. Your driver is displayed with photograph, name, rating and remaining distance

Does it cost anything to use the mytaxi app?

No, you can download and use the app for free. There are no additional costs.

Do I lose my taxi booking if I close the app?

No, the booking continues even if you close the app. A push message is sent just before the taxi arrives. If you leave the app open, you can track the taxi's arrival live on the map.

Can I cancel my request?

Yes, but you should inform your driver anyway. Abusing the app can result in blocking of your account.

What about advance order options?

Yes, advance bookings are possible without problems. The advance booking period depends on your location and on taxi availability. You can enter your advance booking in ‚Booking Overview’.

Can I book serveral mytaxis?

Yes, with mytaxi, you can book up to 3 taxis at the same time. Just click the order button again after booking the first taxi.

What special booking options are there?

With mytaxi, you can select your individual options such as payment method and additional booking options. Only those taxis are requested for you in that case.

How do I recognise my mytaxi?

Your booking confirmation for your mytaxi not only includes the name and phone number of your taxi driver, but also the vehicle registration.

Do I need to register to use mytaxi?

No, you do not need to register, but can also use mytaxi as a guest user by entering your name and your phone number. Registering means that you can use all mytaxi features, however, such as mytaxi Payment.

Which taxis are requested?

All taxis in your immediate environment receive a passenger request. The request is confirmed as soon as a driver accepts the booking. The "Taxi Radar" shows you all taxis nearby.

On which operating systems can I use mytaxi?

mytaxi ist currently available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7.

Can I also use the mytaxi service online?

Yes, simply visit our Website to book a taxi online.

my Account

How does „My Account“ work?

"My Account" lets you save your personal settings in the mytaxi app. You can then access your personal mytaxi profile from all end devices. Your personal settings are automatically saved in your personal mytaxi profile from all end devices. Your personal settings are automatically saved in your personal profile for your next trips. "My Account" users also have the optionof saving a payment method in order to use the cashless and cardless payment system "mytaxi Payment".

How do I log into „My Account“?

In order to register for ‚My account’, simply enter your personal details under ‚My account’ and ‚Login’.

What should I do if I forget my user name?

After successfully registering for ‚My account’, you are sent an email with your user name. If you delete this email by mistake, simply contact us and we are happy to help: You can reach mytaxi support by phone on +49 40 30606890 or by email at customerservice@mytaxi.com.

Pay by App

What is Pay by App?

‚Pay by App’ is a mobile payment system enabling a direct collection process between the driver and the passenger in the taxi - without cash or card. A comfortable way to pay, easily and safely with your Smartphone.

How does paying by app work?

You register for Pay by App via the mytaxi app: Simply save the payment method of your choice (credit card, PayPal) once and you are ready for cashless and cardless payments for your mytaxi straightaway. After the trip, a screen with a payment request is shown. You then verify your payment details and decide whether you wish to add a tip. You can also enter a voucher code. After successful verification, you are sent a message informing you of the successful transaction. Your receipt is then emailed to you.

Where can I pay by app?

You can pay by app in Germany, the USA, Poland and Spain.

What makes paying by app so safe?

The passenger is requested to enter his personal mytaxi PIN before every transaction. This makes unauthorised payments impossible. All data are transferred in an encrypted format. No data are saved on your Smartphone or at mytaxi. mytaxi meets all safety regulations according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). mytaxi Payment is subject to appraisal and approval by the German Federal Bank and the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

What are the conditions for paying by app?

In order to be able to pay by app, you need a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) or a PayPal account. You also need to register for the menu item ‚My account’ and save at least one payment method.

How do I sign up for paying by app?

Simply log on to ‚My account’ with your personal access details or register for ‚My account’ directly and then save the payment method of your choice (Mastercard, Visa, Amex or PayPal) under payment options.

How much does paying by app cost for passengers?

Paying by app costs you nothing. As usual, you pay the relevant taxi tariff*.

*In Berlin, according to § 5 (2) b) of the Taxi Fare Regulations, cashless payment incurs a surcharge of 1.50€. This is a fixed rule and mytaxi cannot influence this.

mytaxi Availibility

Where can I use mytaxi?

mytaxi is available in more than 30 cities in Germany: Berlin, Bonn, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Mainz, Stuttgart, Lübeck and Sylt.

Under development: Augsburg, Braunschweig, Bremen, Darmstadt, Essen, Heilbronn, Gera, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Kassel, Leverkusen, Bremen, Mainz, Offenbach, Potsdam, Salzburg, Wiesbaden, Würzburg.

Internationally, mytaxi is available in Austria: Vienna, Graz Switzerland: Zurich, Spain: Barcelona, Madrid USA: Washington D.C. and Poland: Warsaw

Favorite Drivers and Groups

What is the ‚Favourite Drivers’ function?

Using the ‚Favourite Drivers’ function, you can save your favourite driver in your app. Before each trip, you can decide whether your request should be sent to your favourite driver first. You can also save this booking option as a default setting.

How do I add a ‚Favourite Group’?

You can search for a specific group directly in the menu under ‚Favourite Drivers’ based on the Favourite Group name and save it.

What are ‚Favourite Groups’?

Many of our drivers are allocated to a specific group. Using the ‚Favourite Groups’ function, you can save a group of drivers or vehicles as your Favourite Group. When you next book a taxi, the drivers in these groups are asked first. Our groups are classified by different features, such as environmental taxis.

How do I add a ‚Favourite Driver’?

There are two ways to add a favourite driver: You can rate your driver at the end of the trip. In the menu under ‚Trips’, you can add drivers as ‚Favourite Drivers’. You can also search for a specific driver directly in the Menu under ‚Favourite Drivers’ based on his driver ID and save him.

Business Account

What are clearing trips?

This service is specially tailored to the needs of companies and people travelling on business. This makes extensive travel cost calculations for taxi trips unnecessary. All trips booked via mytaxi are booked, collected and charged via a personal business account in real time.

What are the benefits of a Business Account?

You or your employees travel with mytaxi on a single invoice. The effort involved for accounts departments and passengers is reduced, and transparency and cost control are improved.

How do I register for aclearing trips?

The mytaxi team is happy to answer your questions by phone on +49 40 30 60 68 90 or by email at business-accounts@mytaxi.com.


Can I rate my driver?

You can rate your driver and taxi with up to 5 stars immediately after the trip. You also have the option of submitting a rating under ‚Trips’ after the trip.

Is mytaxi safe? Who are the drivers picking me up?

All our drivers are licensed. We know every single taxi driver and have registered each of them for the service personally.

Does mytaxi see any payment data?

No, all data is secure via certificated encrypting systems. mytaxi cooperates with superior companies PayPal and Wirecard. mytaxi itself can never access any data.

Why do I have to enter a phone number when booking?

Your phone number is important so that the driver can get in touch with you if there are questions or sudden difficulties (traffic jam, blocked area, etc.).

In general

I have a mytaxi promo code, how do I redeem it?

In order to redeem a voucher, you must register for mytaxi Payment. If you are already registered for mytaxi Payment, select the "Promotional Code" tab in the your profile and submit your promo code. Pay for your next taxi trip with mytaxi Payment. .

I left something in the taxi. What can I do?

All details relating to your last trips, including the phone number and driver ID of your driver, are saved in the app under ‚Trips’. You can contact your driver up to 24 hours after the trip. You can also contact our customer services at any time: mytaxi support team +49 40 30 60 68 90 or by email at customerservice@mytaxi.com.

How can I collect Miles & More premium miles with mytaxi?

Under ‚My account’ and Miles & More, you can register as a Lufthansa Customer for the Miles & More Frequent Flyer programme directly in the app. Simply enter your Miles & More card number in the relevant fields, and every Euro travelled will be credited to your Miles & More account as a premium mile.

Problems with the app

What should I do if the mytaxi app does not start or crashes?

Switch off your smartphone and then restart it. If the mytaxi app still does not start, delete the mytaxi app and reinstall it. If the problem persists with the newly loaded version, please contact our support. You can reach us on +49 40 30 60 68 90 or by email at customerservice@mytaxi.com.

My pick-up address is not located correctly, what should I do?

You have the option of entering your pick-up address manually in the Booking Overview, if your location is not found correctly. Simply click on the field "Start" and correct your pick-up address. You can also add addresses to your favourites and preselect them for your next mytaxi booking.


How to get in touch with mytaxi?

You can reach our team via phone at +49.40 30 60 68 90 or via mail at customerservice@mytaxi.com.